I am a final year student at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, pursuing an integrated master’s in Mathematics and Computing. I mainly work on Robotics and AI.

Last summer, I interned at the IRoM Lab, Princeton University. I worked on learning data-driven dynamic models of task-relevant perceptual features for robot controllers.

In summer 2017, I interned at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory where I worked on risk-aware probabilistic motion planning for the Mars 2020 and future Mars rovers.

In summer 2016, I interned at the Autonomous Mobile Robotics Laboratory, UMass Amherst. I worked computationally efficient obstacle avoidance for ground robots using only stereo vision without the need for dense 3D reconstruction.

Currently, I’m working on building autonomous emergency drones capable of delivering medical supplies in remote, inaccessible areas of rural India with the Aerial Robotics Lab, Kharagpur. I’m also with Technology Robotix Society which aims to spread the culture of robotics in India through various events and workshops.

On most days I’m cheerful and friendly, but I know all about pain and suffering being a religious Arsenal fan. Apart from football, I love playing table tennis, and I captained my college’s table tennis team from 2017-2019.

My curriculum vitae holds more information about my experiences and skills.

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